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Seven Years of Winter

A shortfilm by Marcus Schwenzel

Directed by
Marcus Schwenzel

Writing Credits
Marcus Schwenzel
Davíð Charles Friðbertsson
Howard Hunt
Ólafur Jónsson

Hannes Jaenicke (Boris)
Sasha Savenkov (Andrej)
Roman Knizka (Artjom)
Tatyana Nesvidomenko (Boris Wife)
Igor Romaschow (Pjotr)
Ilya Ilchenkoevert (Young Andrej)

Mixtvision review

The sensitive film shows pictures that give a terrible sense of what happened to the people who witnessed the GAU in 1986.

The story focuses on ten-year-old Andrej (Sasha Savenkov). A few years after the reactor fire, Andrej is repeatedly sent to the nuclear desert in the vicinity of Chernobyl by his corrupt brother Artjom (Roman Knižka) to plunder the abandoned houses in the death zone and search for passports and similar objects as “black diggers” that can be sold on the black market.

Shortly after the collapse of the USSR, many people are ready to do anything to escape poverty. Andrej is a calm, introverted boy. He enjoys the empty space in the orphaned houses – without realizing the dangerousness of the circumstances. This makes it easy for his brother to abuse him for his purposes.

Andrej dreams with the help of photos and other objects in the family life of the people who once lived there. For him, this is a way of closing the emotional void left by his parents’ death. As he continues to indulge in a construct and ideal image of his imagination to heal his own mental wounds, radioactivity in the contaminated environment begins to systematically destroy his body.



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“The short film “Seven years of winter” takes place in Kiev, the so-called Chernobyl death zone. 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the reactor catastrophe – a topic that is becoming sadly topical with Japan.
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